Hi, I'm Kaytee

I am a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach, and working toward becoming a registered dietitian. I have been working with individuals to reach their health and fitness goals since 2014. 

I believe that the most effective and efficient path to health is through a lifestyle approach that focuses on small, sustainable changes that will allow you to be your optimal self and live the life you desire. 

The key pillars to creating a healthy lifestyle are plant based nutrition, regular physical activity, stress reduction, and proper sleep.


Scientifically Plant-Based

The science is clear that eating a whole food, plant-based diet has immense benefits for body and mind in the short and long-term, and it's easy, delicious, and rewarding once you learn the basics. 

I have helped hundreds of clients, including those with chronic lifestyle diseases, take back their health and live their lives more fully by learning how to nourish their bodies with food and exercise.

I provide customized exercise and nutrition programs that are delivered straight to your phone on the Wholistic Health and Fitness app, and you don't even need a gym membership. If you live local to Los Angeles and prefer a more hands on approach, we can work together to create the environment you need to succeed at home. 

Online Services

Meal Plans

bag of healthy groceries spread out with avocados, kale, strawberries, and peppers

Comprehensive meal plan customized for your dietary preferences, restrictions, schedule, and goal.


  • Customized meal plan with recipes, portions, and timing
  • Option to swap foods based on preference
  • Weekly nutrition education emails 
  • Shopping list & portion guide

Workout Programs

woman in workout clothes stretching

Workout program customized for your fitness goals, schedule and equipment as well as general nutrition guidelines.


  • Personalized workout program
  • Exercise video library for instruction
  • Workout calendar
  • Calorie and macronutrient daily targets

Weight Loss Challenge

five people in workout clothes with their hands together

Take the Wholistic approach with a meal and workout plan that compliment each other for maximum results!


  • Personalized workout program with exercise video library and workout calendar
  • Customized meal plan with recipes, portions, and timing 
  • Shopping list, portion guide and weekly nutrition education emails 

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Enhance your wellness. Enrich your life.

Contact me to learn more about how we can work together to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

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